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Counterfeit medicines are medicines produced without the permission of the patent holder - the developer's company.

Counterfeiting drugs, counterfeit drugs [edit edit source]:

  • The effectiveness of a drug is primarily determined by the active ingredient (but not only by it, see bioequivalence)
  • According to the norms of international law, the formula or composition of the active substance cannot be a secret of the company
  • But this information for some time (on the order of several years) is closed to other manufacturers, which, even under a different name, cannot produce this medicine without the permission of the patent holder's firm
  • Even after the expiry of the allotted time, other companies cannot use the name of the drug (Brand) registered by the company - the patent holder (the so-called patent form)
  • Knowing the formula, drug manufacturers are tempted to produce drugs bypassing the patent owner
  • An example is the drug amoxil ® (registered brand name)
  • In fact, this is a fairly simple synthesized drug, the active ingredient of which has the generic name "drotaverin".

buy amoxil 500mg

However, several generations of amoxil have already used No-Shpa and do not know anything about some kind of drotaverine. Accordingly, the price of a branded drug is 10 (!) Times higher than the price of drotaverin, which is exactly the same in composition, manufacturing technology and action. It is not surprising that at some factories that produce cheap domestic medicines during the day, at night the same medicines are packaged in foreign branded packages. It should be added that this usually does not affect the quality of the medicine, since the counterfeit manufacturer is afraid to arouse even the slightest suspicion from the inspection authorities.


Narcotic substances are subject to stricter rules of handling than other drugs. However, due to the increased demand for them, situations arise in which officials neglect the proper performance of their duties.